Green Protein Pancakes aka “Bogey Pancakes”

It’s a rainy, autumnal Monday morning and I needed to cheer myself up…. and normally this involves exercise. However as I’m still injured (hurt my SI joint and lumbar facet joint) and unable to exercise at the moment I am turning to food instead (my other passion) . Healthy food that is obviously (and I don’t keep chocolate in the house..) Of course it’s important to eat healthily, we all know that, but even more so when you are ill or injured or feeling a little low, as eating healthy, nourishing food can help alleviate your symptoms and give you the energy and nutrients your body needs to repair and get better. Naturally it’s tempting to turn to “junk” food in these situations but from experience this rarely makes you feel better due to the zero nutrients (perhaps very short term as you are shoving the cake into your mouth) and isn’t helpful in your recovery.

I have a tendency to “make things up” when it comes to recipes, and to be honest more often than not they don’t turn out great. I am no Masterchef candidate or sadly Bake Off contender (in my dreams). But what I lack in skill I make up for in enthusiasm and today with limited ingredients in the fridge I concocted….. GREEN pancakes! Or as my daughters like to say “Mouldy” pancakes, or “Bogey” pancakes. They sound delicious don’t they….. please read on….

I have tried to make spinach pancakes before but they didn’t turn out well (I actually followed a recipe that time) so this time I went off piste (as it were) and the result was extremely edible and dare I say pretty good. All you need is 5 or 6 ingredients… eggs, spinach, milk of your choice, ground almonds and/spelt flour, coconut oil.

This is what I did (I’m not very exact when it comes to recipes either..)

  1. I put two handfuls of spinach, two eggs, a banana and some almond milk (about half a cup ) into the Nutribullet or use a blender and whizzed up
  2. I poured the mixture into a large bowl and I added some ground almonds until the mixture was the texture of pancake batter – not too thick. As I ran out of enough ground almonds (I only had a small amount left over) I added some spelt flour too – about a tablespoon. If you have nut allergy you could use all spelt flour, or flour of your choice.
  3. I heated up some coconut oil in a pan and dolloped three FullSizeRenderspoonfuls of the mixture in – don’t make them too thick – and when the bubbles started coming up I flipped them over and finished cooking them until slightly browny green colour (stay with me.. it gets better)
  4. I served them with a good spoonful of Greek yoghurt, heated up some frozen berries and poured them over the yoghurt and pancakes – YUM! What a delish way to eat your greens 🙂  No added sugar, can be zero flour so gluten free and lots of good protein. Apologies for my lack of presentation skills – something else I need to work on but you get the idea. Please do let me know if you give them a try!


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