ABOUT this blog

IMG_1747Hi, I’m Laura and I’m a Bristol based mum of two young girls – L is five and S three years old. Alongside my mummy duties, I am a Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and Specialist in Pre and Postnatal exercise. I am completely passionate about the importance of regular exercise for our mental and physical well being and health. My aim is to help and inspire busy women from all stages in their lives – pregnant, postnatal, mums with school aged children and beyond (I count several grandmothers as clients) to find ways to incorporate and enjoy exercise as an essential and regular part of their routines. As a specialist in Pre and Postnatal exercise I have worked with many women to safely continue their exercise routines throughout their pregnancies. Then postnatally to help them to regain their strength and fitness, focusing on posture and their core (especially if they have ab separation) and strengthening the pelvic floor.

I LOVE to exercise and can’t imagine my life without it. I exercise at least 5 times a week in some form or another, and I believe it is the best (and one of the cheapest therapy there is). Primarily I exercise for the health benefits, the way it makes me feel – the massive buzz of endorphins I get afterwards! It is important to add here that I DO NOT have a six pack OR a thigh gap (my thighs do indeed meet at the top).  This may be because I also love food and refuse to eat “clean” all the time. I very much live by the 80/20 rule whereby I am pretty healthy most of the time but do allow treats as I want to enjoy life.  And to do that I need to incorporate cake, chocolate, coffee and red wine… it’s non negotiable.

I do not promote or encourage ANY types of fad diets, quick fixes, juice detoxes or extreme diet or exercise plans. If you want and need to lose weight then only way to do so is to change your lifestyle and the way you think about food and exercise and focus on the health benefits, rather than being able to fit into a certain size of jeans. I don’t believe there is ANY excuse not to incorporate physical activity and exercise into your life (unless suffering from a debilitating illness), and I particularly hate the old “I’m too busy” to exercise. Some of my clients or friends are the busiest people I know yet they find a way to prioritise and fit exercise into their weekly routines. If you want to prioritise your health – you will find a way. Plus exercise doesn’t have to take long to be effective….

I plan to write about all sorts of exercise (including Pre and Postnatal), health and nutrition tips and information that will hopefully inspire you to become healthier and happier and where physical exercise becomes embedded into your lives.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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